Services Offered

Connect Computers offer many services and pride themselves in their delivery. If you require something you do not see listed below, please contact us and we will always reply.

  1. Computer and Laptop repair
  2. Installation of broadband / internet connections (routers, wired and wireless)
  3. Setting up of new computers / laptops (Apple product or otherwise) – This can be as much or as little as you would like. Connect Computers can set up your new computers and laptops right from the box and finish with all your software installed and your favourite and most used websites all installed in your new internet browser page ready for you to sit down and use. We can even give you a ‘tour’ of your new computer or laptop so that you are confident you know how to use it after we have left your home. Connect Computers understand that, to some, new technology can be quite daunting and that is why we are here.
  4. Printer repair and new printer installation
  5. Setting up of Internet ready TV, Sky TV, Freeview and hard disk recorders
  6. Assisting in the purchase of new / replacement I.T. equipment
  7. Tablet / Ipad and mobile phone technical support
  8. Software Support including;
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • eBay and Paypal
  • Online banking and shopping
  • Website design

9. Training including;

  • Introduction to the internet
  • Introduction to email
  • Using social media
  • Introduction to online shopping
  • Getting to know your tablet
  • Working your new mobile phone
  • Internet Safety – making your home safe for family internet use